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About Atomic Athletic

Atomic Athletic was founded by Roger LaPointe, speaker, fitness expert and all around weight lifting fanatic!


Atomic Athletic is a unique source of strength training and martial arts equipment and information products, with a corporate philosophy, "Out of unique and worldly educated individuals spring great athletes and the resulting facilities that daily inspire individual greatness." 

The Equipment

Atomic Athletic bridges an equipment gap between strength training and martial arts.  While we supply the standard gym equipment from barbells to weight stack machines, we are unique in also supplying authentic traditional strength tools seen in traditional martial arts schools, such as: stone padlocks, wooden sumtola, "Indian" clubs and a wide variety of items that have made real warriors strong for centuries.  Continuing along the spectrum, we also have martial arts training tools, such as: speed bags, heavy bags, kick shields, etc.

The Information

Tools are only as good as the knowledge that backs them up.  Exhaustive research applied to real world training is the hallmark of excellence.  Just because something is new, does not mean that it is better... but it could be.  The Iron Boot is a perfect example.  The original tetsu geta of Okinawan Karate were solid stone.  While we love real stone at Atomic Athletic, the Iron Boot is adjustable and adaptable, in a wide variety of ways.  It is outstanding for traditional training as well as modern.  Meanwhile, it is also a retro tool that you can hardly find in gyms today, because it takes education to properly use them.  Many modern weight stack strength machines let the user do only one exercise and the plaqard with instructions is all the education many gym owners feel the athlete needs.  You ge the idea.  Check out our books, videos, wall charts & sign up for the  BLOG and our e-mail newsletter the Atomic Athletic Bomb Proof Bulletin.  


Available for consultation, speaking engagements and clinics, Roger is a published author and experienced public speaker.Valley of the Giant Boulders: Roger LaPointe River Stone Lift


As a weightlifter, Roger has competed in Olympic style weightlifting, a few powerlifting competitions and All-Round Weightlfting competitions, where he has broken National and World Records in several lifts. He has done this in both the Open Division, as well as Master's Age Divisions in drug free competition. His unique approach to training as a Master's age athlete is bringing more attention to his methods than anyone ever expected.


Articles by and about Roger LaPointe and Atomic Athletic have appeared in Outside Magazine, World Weightlifting, PowerMag, Monster Muscle, Men's Journal, York Daily Record, the Toledo Blade, the Sentinal-Tribune, and numerous other publications.  Roger has a regular column in the northwest Ohio newspaper, the Sentinel-Tribune, called "Body of Work".  Here is a link to the article Build "Old Man Strength".  Roger is also the regular Tuesday guest on the FBC "Motivation & Muscle" Podcast.


Roger has also been interviewed for television and radio. The list of web sites that have included articles, references and photos is too numerous to list. You can see some of our favorites in the links section of the Atomic Athletic web site.



I have been studying the strength training techniques of martial arts and traditional competition strength styles from many different cultures since entering the world of the “fitness professional”.


At the age of 25, I was lucky enough to fall into a job at the York BarbellCompany, which a co-worker called, “the job that Arnold Schwarzenegger was denied in 1969.” Of course, Arnold went on to become the biggest thing to ever happen to the fitness industry. The position I was given was officially titled, “Export Sales Manager / Olympic Lifting Advisor”.


The fitness industry has been tremendously good to me. Through it, I have been able to meet people and go places that I would have never guessed I would have contact with, from Olympians to actual Shaolin Monks. It sure has been an exciting ride. It also never occurred to me that I would be published, interviewed or have my unique products recommended by magazines as many times as it has happened. Of course, none of that happened by accident, but through sheer hard work. Success through hard work is something that was drilled into me by my parents, growing up in the Detroit area and the trials of life.


Roger LaPointe

Atomic Athletic Showroom Bookcase



Call us for a visit to the showroom, or to pick up a local order.  The photo to the right is of our showroom.  Our stock is always changing.  If there is a specific item you would like to pick up, make sure to call and confirm that it is in stock before just showing up.  Our showroom also has memorabilia and unique items that may never show up on the web site.  Please schedule an appointment, as we would hate to be out on a delivery and miss you.  Phone: (419)352-5100.



Atomic Athletic

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