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Adjustable Olympic Dumbbell Handle


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Adjustable Olympic Dumbbell Handle
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  • Adjustable Olympic Dumbbell Handle
  • Adjustable Olympic Dumbbell Handle
  • Rotating Olympic Dumbbell Bar

Adjustable Olympic Dumbbell Handle

What is the sound of

one arm lifting?

Is it the sound of a grinding shoulder?

I hope not.


I hope all those dumbbell snatches are being done with tools that rotate, but I know they are not. Solid non-rotating equipment can be fun, but for some lifts, it can also cause real pain. Trust me, that is not a sound you don't want to hear.

One hand explosive lifts, just like the two handed lifts, can be done with old school non-rotating tools. Of course, there is a proper technique you have to learn. Basically, you have to let go of the dumbbell, rotate your hand and then re-grip it. It sounds easy, until you try it with limit type weights, whether it's your 1 RM, or just your last rep of a limit set. Once you hear that grinding, the damage is done. The next question is, how bad is the damage?

Rotating Olympic Dumbbells are a fairly easy solution to that problem.

Just like with an Olympic barbell, you never loosen your grip during the lift. Bingo! You have eliminated one more variable in your training.

I have heard it said that it doesn't matter what kind of bar you lift on, if you are really strong. Which, of course, is a load of BS. It is very simple, do dumbbell snatches with rotating dumbbells and you will:
- lift more;
- do it more consistently;
- and have a much lower risk of injury.

Hmmm... Would I like to lift heavier weights AND have a lower chance of injury in my back, rotator cuff, elbow or wrist?

Dumbbell snatches are great. Use the right tool.

Live strong,

The Adjustable Olympic Dumbbell Handle has lubricated bronze bushings for nice Olympic bar style rotation - fantastic for one hand snatches! These ends actually rotate.

Total Length: 20 3/8"
Grip Length: 5 3/16"
Handle Diameter: 1.03" (Chrome Plated 1" Stock)
Loading Length per Side: 7"
Weight: 10.6 lbs.
Takes only Olympic Plates (2" Plate Hole Diameter)

We recommend the heavier duty Spin Lock Collars for heavier weights. See the Recommended Items list to the left.

Check our YouTube Channel:
See it in LIVE Action!
Just Hit the "Product Video" Tab Above

Roger did a Review of this Olympic Dumbbell Handle and Does a nice One Hand Dumbbell Snatch with it.

Does not include weights.

Product Testimonial

"It's a work of art!  Once you use one, you will never use an immobile (non-rotating) dumbbell again.  It's enough to fight gravity, you don't need to also fight your equipment.  This is like using a short Olympic bar.  It's great."
Doug Stalker, Nov. 2015

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