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Atomic Athletic Shot-Loaded Blob


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Atomic Athletic Shot Loaded Blob
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The original



Grip Master Richard Sorin pioneered training with the original Blob, one half of a York cast 100 lb. Dumbbell.

He felt that lifting it was one of the greatest hand strength achievements. Only a select few have ever been able to break it off he ground, let alone fully lift it.

Now a whole new dimension in Blob training is possible. Dr. Ken loved his shot shot loading blob. As soon as he saw it, Dr. Ken said, "We tested all sorts of shapes of grip objects at the iron works and this is one of the toughest I've tried."

Variety is the spice of life, and this blob will teach you to grab on and never let go.

The Atomic Athletic shot-loading Blob weighs about 10 pounds empty, remember that there will be individual variations, as they are hand made by our expert blacksmith.

The shot loading port does not use a big bolt, like the kettlebells, but an eye bolt. Thus, you can do one finger lifts or hang weights off it. You can fill it to approximately 20-25 pounds, depending on the material you use.

Unlike other shot loading Blobs out there, ours can also be unloaded as well, allowing you much more flexibility in your training.

You might think that a fully loaded Blob at 25 lbs is no problem but we haven't found anyone who can lift one yet.

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