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Atomic Athletic Chain Lift Bar


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Quick Overview

Atomic Athletic Chain Lift Bar
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  • Atomic Athletic Chain Lift Bar
Build tendons and

ligaments of steel

with the Atomic

Athletic Chain Lift


An Atomic Athletic Exclusive.

You can train with a chain lift bar in many ways, just ask the old time lifters. This is a perfect piece of equipment for doing many different kinds of partial lifts. A bar of this type was standard for any serious gym as recently as 60 years ago...  Yep.  That was a long time before performance enhancing drugs, when guys like Bill Kennedy picked up 1500 pounds, daily.  Thanks to organizations like the US All Round Association and the Old Time Barbell & Strongman Association, the chain lifts live on.

This is the bar used in the Tendon & Ligament Strength Training video #1. It has three hook in points, one in the center and two 10 inches off of center for balanced harness lifting. This bar is 7 feet long and can easily hold over 2000 pounds.

The bottom photo shows a heavy harness lift from the Tendon and Ligament Training video #1. This is only one of the many lifts that can be done with the Atomic Athletic Chain lift bar and they are all outstanding.

Heavy Hip Lifts build super power in the hips and thighs and can help get you ready for intense squatting and deadlifting

That means big gains for you.

Atomic Tip: Using the Hand & Thigh Bar with the Chain Lift Bar for a Kennedy Lift will allow you to go much heavier than a Jefferson Lift (barbell Straddle Deadlift), as you can “set” the bar in the partial movement. While you certainly can use bumper plates, cast iron 100's are far more dense. Make sure you use accurate ones, or at least weigh them so you can get the weight right from one end of the bar to the other. Obviously, you want the chain lift bar to have a balanced load, without loose wobbly collars.

Read about Brodie's Saloon & The Kennedy Lift here.

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