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Core Training Bar: Olympic Ends


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Core Training Bar: Olympic Ends from Atomic Athletic
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  • Core Training Bar: Olympic Ends
Think there is

nothing new under

the sun?

Think again...

Atomic Athletic's newest product is the missing link that you have been waiting for to enable you to kickstart your gains and get the progress you have been missing for too long.

There are many great exercises but several have disadvantages to them that throw up a roadblock right in the middle of your training.

The Core Training Bar from Atomic Athletic will help you get the workout of your life.

Walking lunges are outstanding for leg development. They will "fry" your legs while making your ankles strong and more injury resistant However, there are always some problems to be dealt with...Your hands will always be the weak link.

They will give out long before your legs get the workout they need. Even if you use straps, there is always the danger that you will have dumbbells banging you against the legs when you are doing the movement.

With the Core training bar from Atomic Athletic, the weight is perfectly balanced on you back. Your hands are no longer the weak link and you can hammer your legs into oblivion with no fear.

How about side bends?

Put a barbell on your back and the leverage may be too long from side to side and during a "twisting" motion. It's just not a comfortable movement and you will need lots of room to do it. You also can't add weight without adding to the potential for problems.

The Core training bar from Atomic Athletic, easily solves those problems. The weight is safely and securely balanced closer to your center of gravity. Now you don't have to worry about the leverage issue.

You can now practice a great number of standing abdominal movements with no problems at all. You know just how important strong abs can be. No need to lay on the floor like a dead fish ever again.

Want to super-charge your lateral movement ability?

Lateral training is all but impossible with dumbbells or other types of hand weights. You can't hold them at your sides because they will get in your way and you can't hold them out front since they will throw your balance off.

As Adam is demonstrating in the second picture, now you can train your lateral movements with no hesitation at all, making this piece essential for all athletes.

The Core training bar from Atomic Athletic is also perfect for adding weight to your prone hyperextensions. No need to hold a plate behind your head any more, you can also progress a pound or two at a time, which simply cannot be done with this movement any other way.

The Core Training Bar from Atomic Athletic is a winner, get it and you will be too!


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