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1932 Atlanta Police Department Gym

Caption: “Here we see the barbell section of the Atlanta Police Department gym, under the personal, efficient, directorship of Edward Rosendahl, standing on the extreme right.  No wonder the Atlanta police force are strongly erect and vigorously alert.  They are an example which the police departments of other cities could copy with pride.  Instructor Rosendahl is the enthusiastic, aggressive type that accomplishes great things in body building training.  He also conducts two other schools in the city of Atlanta, Ga.”

Equipment List: Based on Close Examination of Photo

Old Time Strongman Gym Atlanta Police Department Gym: Circa 1932

Adjustable Barbells
Adjustable Dumbbells
Adjustable Kettlebell Handles (Milo Bar Bell 1908 Tri-Plex Type): York improved on this design about 10 years later and we sell that type now. They are extremely versatile and are the preferred type to use for the competition type crucifix hold, found here:

Globe Kettlebells (Milo Bar Bell Duplex Type)
“Pro-Style” Barbells: Various Weights
“Olympic” Plates – In a Rack
Block Weights (I have some antique Toledo brand for sale here:

Parallel Bars
Wooden Seats/Benches
Spring Steel “Crushers”
Strands (Spring Type Chest Expanders)
Barbells Racks
Dumbbell Racks
Plate Racks
Tons of Plates
Photos of Boxers, Wrestlers & other Strength Athletes

Keep checking back, as I am doing an analysis of the equipment with related links, with the actual caption.

All the best,
Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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