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Jack La Lanne’s Crystal Blue Vinyl LP

I love classic vinyl records, especially when they are done in something like cool blue!

"Jack La Lanne's Glamour Stretcher Time" Blue Vinyl Record
Jack La Lanne's Glamour Stretcher Time Blue Vinyl Record - Roger is working on an article about this package and the new exercises Jack shows in the corresponding instructional wall chart.

Rarely do several of my interests so neatly come together. In this case, we have my love for classic strength training collectables and old vinyl records, so my hat is off to my buddy Tom, who found this gem. Sure, it’s not really anything that I will listen to very often. Old Jack has one exercising along with his counting reps, backed up by an organist who clearly has some ball park experience. The Jimi Hendrix Experience this is not, but the camp factor is out of this world.

Jack La Lanne's Glamour Stretcher Time Blue Vinyl Record with Jacket and Instructional Wall Chart. The earliest "Strand Pulling" course we have found is the Professor Anthony Barker Course from 1910. You can get your own copy by clicking on this photo.

Jack Lanne’s Glamour Stretcher Time album is actually a whole package. There’s the album, in blue vinyl, together with a two tone blue double sided wall chart demonstrating the 17 exercises Jack is performing on the album.

Classic Spring Chest Expander
The amazing thing that I have here is several more variations on exercises with the strand type “Spring Chest Expander”. Almost every time I find one of these classic courses, Jack’s is from 1960, I find another way to train with that tool. Now Jack is hawking his GLAMOUR STRETCHER, which is just a single strand made entirely of rubber, but it’s the same concept. In an upcoming issue of the Garage Gym Journal I will be concentrating on strand pulling, so I will actually put in an entire short article on this piece, with the unique exercises and Jack’s audio recommendations.


Complete List of Exercises

Jack La Lanne’s Glamour Stretcher Time

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Bicycle Exercise
  3. Deep Knee Bends
  4. Front Raises
  5. Back Leg raises
  6. Side Leg Raises
  7. Pogo Jumps Exercise
  8. Side Bends
  9. Front Bends
  10. Knees To Chest
  11. Forward Push
  12. Straight Arms – Cross Over
  13. Front Pull
  14. Arm Extension
  15. Front Arm Flex
  16. Flex Fingers
  17. Running In Place


Almost all of the exercises have 2 or more photos, for nice sequential exercise instruction.


For now, you will have to be satisfied with framing these awesome reproductions for your gym:
“Lost” Spring Cable Course Featuring John Terpak, circa 1939

York Expander Dumbbell & Stirrup Course w/ Adjustable Strap and Rings

Professor Anthony Barker’s 1910 Cable Course

All the best,
Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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