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More Than Sit-Ups

Throwing out the Ab Work
Let's make your training more interesting. First, we are going to throw out the half hour of ab work.

Bent Pressing Bent Pressing

Instead, we are going to start a training program aimed at learning the bent press. You may or may not like the bent press, or even get to the point where you are doing any really high weights, but the strength journey will be worth it. You will also get plenty of serious abdominal work.

Today, we aren't even going to get into doing the bent press. We are going to go over some of the steps toward getting into it. Even if you are an experienced bent presser, breaking down the lift and working these related lifts will really help your max-out lift.

Go Into The Gym
I was going to start this off with some history, equipment tips and other related items, but I know that you can't wait to get into the gym. So, print off this Atomic Athletic Bomb Proof Bulletin/BLOG posting, put on your sweats and take it straight to your garage gym. I will throw the background stuff into the instructions and the first workout.

These are the 1st Lifts you will be working on:
Goal Oriented Stretches
One Hand Barbell Deadlift
Leveraging a Barbell
Over Head Squats: 2 Handed & 1 Handed
Dumbbell Clean & Press
Side Bends

Set Up Your Equipment
Standard Size Barbell, Weights & Collars
Olympic Barbell, Weights & Collars
Pair of Dumbbells
Single Dumbbell, Weights & Collars
Chunk of Rubber, or Rubber Flooring

I know, it looks like there is some duplication there. You will also be modifying the weights you have these items loaded up to, during the workout. However, I believe the set-up is half the warm-up. Some of you have neat lifting areas with all this sort of thing easily accessible and some don't. There are some variations and substitutions possible as well. That will become obvious along the way.


1. Set up your equipment with starting weights.

2. Stretch: Focus on your back, abs (I love the yoga cobra stretch), hamstrings, quads and full squat movement. A 5 Minute Warm-Up with Indian Clubs would also be really good for the entire shoulder girdle.
3. Leveraging The Barbell: I recommend using the longest length standard size bar you have, loaded with the plates all the way at the ends of the bar. You will stand the bar on end, find the center point and “rock it” on to the shoulder. You can get really heavy with this, but if you have never done it before, certainly start light.
5 Sets of 5
4. One Hand Barbell Deadlift: Use a rotating Olympic Bar & Do both sides
5 Sets of 3
5. 1 Hand Overhead Squat 5 x 3
6. 2 Hand Overhead Squat 5 x 3
7. 2 Dumbbell Clean & Press 5 x 5
8. Barbell Side Bends 3 x 10
9. Stretch

More will come in future articles.

All the best,
Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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