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Old Time Strongman Gym

retrostrenght-olde-time-strongman Get strong the old school way

So, we were recently asked the following question, which we actually get quite a bit: “I want to build a traditional strongman gym in my basement. What do I really need?” Jason L., Dayton, OH.

This seemingly easy question is really great. The best questions are the
simplest. Of course, as someone who sells equipment, I would like to say that Jason needs everything, but that is not true. Obviously, the answer depends on a lot of different factors. The most important factor is determining Jason’s goals.

Several gyms frequented by the old time strongmen are fairly well
documented, so I will just list out the traditional equipment they would have
had, as sort of a conglomeration. As you may have guessed, most gyms did not
have all of these items, just like today’s gyms do not have “everything”.
Future installments of this topic will have some modern equivalents for some of
this equipment.

Globe Barbells
Globe Dumbbells
Adjustable Kettlebells
Indian Clubs 
Iron Boots
Heavy Balls (medicine type and/or solid)

So you say all this great, but you need some help in getting strong old school. Consider the following training aids to help you learn these techniques.
Leg Development Course and DVD - Your legs will be so big, you'll have to wear a kilt...
Train Like a Strongman DVD - Need we say more?
Garage Gym Guide - The best ideas for outfitting your mancave
Legendary Strength -  I'll even autograph it, if you ask
Tendon and Ligament Strength DVD -one of the lost arts of the old time strongman

And finally, what good is an old school gym without some great art, right. Check these out:

Classic Training Hall Wall Chart Set Doesn't get much more old school than this
Atomic Athletic Stone Sphere Instructional Chart Set, posters 1 & 2 Big, heavy. Rocks Rock!

Remember, there's a reason why the old circus performers are still popular even today. It's because they knew how to get strong. Now, you can too!

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