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Regular or Decaf

Morning Coffee at Atomic Athletic, with R2 D2 Morning Coffee at Atomic Athletic, with R2 D2

I know you have been there too. I was moving kind of slowly this morning, the reasons are for an entirely different article. So, on the way into work, I stopped at Starbucks. Honestly, even their largest option isn't big enough today.

Like many coffee shops, the local Bowling Green Starbucks is full of happy and very perky baristas who are quick to answer a question. I assume they get as much free coffee as they want. Anyway, the guy behind me asked for decaf...

Silence. All movement, even time itself, seemed to stop.

If you had beaned the girl at the cash register in the back of the head with a brick, she wouldn't have looked more stunned! It was a real “deer in the headlights” look. Amazing.

Well, presented with that look, Mr. Decaf cheerfully asked how many people had gotten decaf coffee this morning.

She yells to the drive-up window guy, “Joe, how many decafs this morning?”

Joe didn't miss a beat, “None. But Steve had one at the counter.”

To sum up, at 8:25 this morning, the BG Starbucks had sold two cups of decaf coffee. Which begs

Barbell Hack Lift Barbell Hack Lift

the question, why was that guy, or anybody, buying decaf coffee. I have heard all kinds of reasons for decaf over the years and they all sound wishy-washy to me. This is not where I ask, you, the reader for a good reason for decaf. I don't care. Don't send me your personal justification. I am an “All-In” kind of guy. Odds are, if you are an Atomic Athletic Bomb Proof Bulletin reader, then you are also the “All-In” type. Don't change. Embrace it.

If you also wonder about Decaf Coffee people, then here is a workout for you. I call it the “Giant Bucket o'Coffee” Workout.

Giant Bucket o'Coffee Workout
Jog to the Gym
Stretch & Swing Some Indian Clubs
Hit the Heavy Bag for a few rounds.
Snatch (Up to 80%) 5 x 3

Giant Set – Go through this sequence 3 times.
Over Head Squat 50% 10 Reps (Off the floor, not the rack)

Barbell Hack Lift Barbell Hack Lift

Barbell Hack Lift 5 Reps
Trap Bar Deadlift 3 Reps

Iron Boot Thai Knee Kicks 3 x 10
Hanging Frog Kicks (off the chinning bar) 3 x 10

Jog Home

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All the best,
Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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