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Snow Day Workout

Snow Day Weightlifting

Short bulletin:

Wood County, OH is under a Level 3 Snow Emergency Travel Restriction, allowing ONLY emergency personnel to travel.

This means that Atomic Athletic Offices are closed today, January 6, 2013. This means that the showroom, warehouse, shipping and phones will NOT be open.

Home Gym Day

Today is the perfect example of why you want a home gym. Growing up in Michigan, there was no such thing as a day with restricted travel, not so in Ohio. That means without special credentials, I will get a ticket if I drive my vehicle today. Therefore, I will be visiting the home gym for today's workout!

As I will be doing a lot of snow shoveling, heavy squats and deadlifts are out. However, it is a perfect time for bodyweight squats, stretching and accessory work.

1st Lots of Shoveling

2nd Home Gym Visit
Serious Stretching
Padlock Clean & Press 3 x 10
Kettlebell Swings (Light) 10
Dumbbell Swing – Competition Style 3 x 3
Dumbbell Bent Press (Technique Work for about 10 Min.)
Bodyweight Squats 3 Sets of 25 (with extra stretching)
Iron Boot Leg Extensions 2 x 15
Iron Boot Leg Curls 2 x 15
Iron Boot Bicycles 2 x 10
Wrist Roller: 1 Set of 10 Reps Each – Frankenstein, Palms Up Curl Position, Hack Style
Arm & Grip Massage & Stretch

3rd Probably More Shoveling...

See you tomorrow!

All the best,
Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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