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Curl Your Own Body Weight with Yasser


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Curl Your Own Body Weight with Yasser
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  • Curl Your Own Body Weight with Yasser
Don't Be


Crying Baby!

This is your chance to see how dramatic a transformation you can make!

Filmed over a period of 2 and half years, Curl Your Own Body Weight with Yasser is a testament to full body workouts with the Train Like A Strongman philosophy.

When Yasser, my training partner, arrived from Pakistan, he really didn't know which direction he wanted to go. Was it going to be Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting or strongman? He knew it wouldn't be bodybuilding.

"A little surprised," hardly explains Yasser's reaction when I asked him how much he could curl. He was 170 pounds at 5 foot 10 inches tall and he knew he could curl at least a hundred pounds with a curl bar. He obvously was not new to weightlifting. He had been an athlete and competed in several different sports, including cricket, track and boxing. However, it was his early work with the pehlwani of Pakistan which would serve him best now.

We put this DVD together with the training technique footage we did for Yasser. It starts with his early training and moves right through to his bodyweight curls. Nice stuff. While it was originally meant only for private viewing and the sound is terrible, or even non-existant on the early stuff, you can't beat it for watching historical progression with what Yasser ACTUALLY did for workouts. This is clearly not fiction. This is as real as it gets!

Yasser was in for a shock when I first asked him to curl a honed 56 pound Atomic Ball. Yasser curled the smooth granite sphere, but it was very difficult. He immediately noticed that it was much more than just his biceps working. He was also hitting his hands, wrists, forarms and chest! Little did he know, a mere two years later, he would be able to curl his body weight with that barbell, without doing isolation exercises or traditional bodybuilding.

Today, Yasser is 220 pounds and getting ready to compete in a strongman contest on the same field that the Detroit Lions use. This integrated approach is what got him there.

We have seriously concentrated on a number of basic exercises with a focus on hitting multiple planes of motion, explosive lifting, odd objects and really "unorthodox" training protocols ... which turned into amazing strength gains...

You will see:
-40 Pound Gain in Muscle Mass;
-A real Stone Lifting Workout;
-Yasser's mix of barbell and odd lift training;
-Many different varieties of curls, some never seen before on film.

Yasser is well beyond a mere 56 pound Atomic Ball curl now. His training has been unorthodox, for a strongman competitor. The results are obvious. The training is unusual.

If you have been lagging in your training, then you need this DVD. 

Please NOTE: This bulk of this footage was only intended for training analysis, so much of it has terrible sound, if any at all.  This is the real, unedited stuff that you have been wanting to see from the guy who won the first Pakistan's Strongest Man Contest.

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