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Frightening Forearms & Grip DVD


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Quick Overview

Frightening Forearms & Grip DVD is a full body workout focused on grip strength with the wrist roller and rope.
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You Need Frightening Forearms

For A

Lethal Grip!

The Shaolin Monks of China call these the Pot Lifting Arts. At Atomic Athletic we just call it brutal!
Our Frightening Forearms & Grip DVD is a full body workout focused on grip strength with the wrist roller, rope and a pile of weights. This is pretty minimalist stuff. 
Add This Training To Your Program:
When you start this type of training, you will learn the difficult art of standing still. Yes, I said standing still. 

You will also learn the importance of balance and how to FORCE your muscles to function together as a unit, without ever moving your feet!

Don't worry. You will be exercising. You will learn why you want to use a variety of wrist rollers, body positions and the Well Bucket exercise. Of course, Atomic Athletic's Roger LaPointe uses a wee bit more than just a bucket of water...

How and why did Roger come up with this quick and super intense workout?

"One of my buddies is heavy into his hunting. OK. Several of my buddies are into their shooting," said Roger. "So it really is more than just hunting. Unless that is what you want to call the job of a Detroit Cop..."

Getting down to the nitty gritty of workouts for the real world, Roger continued by saying: "They saw my Aftermath Sniper Grip Machine and found their finger strength to be going up dramatically, as well as their shooting accuracy. Unfortunately, they were not keeping that accuracy through their entire contests. I looked through a ton of old shooting literature. Compared it with ancient Chinese, Japanese and Turkish archery training methods and then adapted it to our world.

My buddies were really taking the easy way out by just doing grip work. It was time to tie that work in with the whole body."

From the fingers right down to the toes, they had to focus on whole body strength to get the most powerful grip!

This is a short workout and a short super intense DVD. I am not filling it up with anything you won't need for this workout. There is some explanation at the beginning and the end. That is it.

Get yours while the weather is still hot. You don't want to be learning this stuff when there is snow of the ground. You need to work it into your program now!



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