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Health Strength & Agility Package


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Health Strength & Agility Package
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Agility Training Charts

Lost Charts Resurface!

Vaudeville Age Tumbling Magic Survives As Wall Charts!

We have a very limited supply, less than 10, thanks to Chris Bostick sprucing up his gym walls. Let me tell you, Chris has a cool gym! Whether you are a gymnast, hand balancer, martial artist or just someone who likes to improve basic athleticism, you will really love this unique wall chart.

The importance of agility training cannot be over emphasized for all athletics. Think about the world's greatest jump shots and the flying leaps into the end zone. Those points did not happen by accident. They were made possible through training.

As a high school soccer player, I remember our coach, a former German league player, forcing us to perform somersaults and rolls up and down the field. We wanted to juggle the ball, but he insisted that this was vitally important. I didn't go on to be a collegiate ball player, but a few other guys did. All of us found that training to be some of the best of our fledgling team.

The attitude of your gym is reflected and enhanced by the art and equipment you use. Is your gym the real deal? You know the answer.

The Health, Strength & Agility Package is headlined by the "Health Strength & Agility" Wall Chart. The package also includes an original Acrobat Magazine from 1949 or 50 and an Acro-Chat Magazine from the same time period. The specific issue may not be the one in the photo.

"Health Strength & Agility" is a rare, original wall chart, estimated to be from the 1920s. It is black & white chart 21 1/2 inches by 15 1/2 inches. The presentation of the exercises is quite unusual, in that they are layered sequence photos. The graphic designer who put this piece together really knew his trade. We do not see instructional information like this today, and it is perfect for getting the most out of limited wall space.

Acrobat Magazine and Arcro-Chat Magazine were the premier hand balancing publications of their time and make an excellent addition to your hand balancing and tumbling education. They were each around for a very short time but achieved high critical aclaim and are highly sought after by collectors.

Wall Chart ships in a heavy duty cardboard tube, rolled. Magazines ship separately in a box. You will receive 2 packages.

WARNING: We will not accept returns on these items for ANY reason. Each item is very old, and not one of them is in mint condition. Some of them have some water damage, and/or rusted staples. The value of these pieces is due to the quality of information and their rarity. If you make the purchase, then it is assumed that you have been warned. If you are the person who must have a flawless piece, then this is NOT the package for you.

Classic brass knuckle paper weights are not included in this package.



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