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Night of Strength III Vol. 1 DVD


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Night of Strength III Vol. 1 DVD: See performing strongmen, weightlifting celebrities, martial arts masters, bodybuilding champions, professional wrestlers, and crazy stuff being lifted, bent and broken!
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  • Night of Strength III - Pat Povilaitis
  • Night of Strength III - Pat Povilaitis, David Webster, Dan Cenidoza, Dennis Rogers

Night of Strength III Vol. 1 DVD

So there I was...

Maybe you wanted to be there too...

Night of Strength III Vol. 1 DVD is your chance to see what you missed. Wait a minute. You say that you were there? I know you could not have been in two places at once, and the NOS III had two rooms going! So now is your chance to see what you may have missed.

You get to see:
Granite Ball Lifting,
Pavel Tsatsouline of Dragon Door,
John Wood of Functional Hand Strength,
Strongman Dennis Rogers,
Wooden Dummy Demonstration,
Strongman Pat Povilaitis,
Kettlebell & Dumbbell Juggling,
Proto-Type & Custom Equipment,
Wing Chun Kung Fu,
Bar Bending,
Card Tearing,
Feats of Strength,
Master Benny Meng,
and much, much, more...

You also get to see the joking around and playing with monster Atomic Athletic toys, during the set-up!

So you say that you missed Benny Mengs' instructional demo on the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy? The entire demo is on this hour long DVD. Master Meng packs more information and training into his demonstration than anyone could possibly absorb in a dozen sittings.

Hear Kim Wood's jokes and cajoling as this massive party of strength gets moving. I am not going to say that things get crazy...
OK. I will say it. Things did get crazy. With iron, granite and steel flying as fast as Benny Meng's fists we all had a great time, in fellowship and comradery. The Atomic Athletic Night of Strength is the underground event that even greats like David Webster could not miss.

If you missed the Night of Strength III,then you have to see this DVD, which was co-sponsored by
Atomic Athletic and Tiger Claw.


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