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Classic Training Hall Wall Chart Set


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4 Classic Wall Charts Poster Set: "Health Strength & Agility" & MILO Bar Bell
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Old World Circus Mystique


Classic Training Hall Wall Charts

This 4 poster set from the past will set your training hall apart from the rest. You get it all: bodyweight exercises, circus type globe barbells & dumbbells, as well as tumbling and gymnastic agility moves.

When weight lifting moved out of the beer halls and into the gymnasiums, the vast arsonal of effective exercises followed. In the classic tradition of Broadway and Vaudeville, the strongman gym owners believed that instruction should be presented with style. These Instructional wall charts do it with gusto!

Once thought to be lost forever...

Health--Strength & Agility Through Fun Training Hall Wall Charts have amazing layered sequence photos that must have cost a fortune to originally produce. At one point, we thought this was just a single poster, but the second in this pair recently surfaced. Boy, are we glad. The moves executed on these charts are simply awesome. From the basic push-up (in perfect form) to a variety of hand stands, all the way through to some wild tumbling, falls and jumps, this pair of posters is down right cool.

The second pair of posters, in our Classic Training Hall Wall Chart Set, comes from the MILO Bar-Bell Company. You get the Chart No. 1: Free Hand Exercise Chart and Chart No. 2: Bar-Bell Exercise Chart. These charts were also originally produced in the 1920s, and feature those great old globe dumbbells that everyone loved. What is funny about the age of the original posters, is that they did not differentiate between a barbell and a dumbbell. Having grown up lifting a similar set, I know that the bells were removable from the bar, and a set came with a short bar and a long bar, thus the bar-bell set. In our world of a million exercise machines in a single gym, it is such a simple idea, it is almost confusing.

Art or education? Whatever way you look at these classic charts, your gym will be the better for it. You can't miss with these classics. Every time you walk by a wall chart you get incrementally more educated on the subject. That is what is so great about instructional wall charts, especially with all these classic moves. Whether you are a cellar dweller lifting alone, a martial artist wanting to learn to leap like Lee, a budding professional wrestler that needs the whole package, or a gym owner that needs to create that unique atmosphere, these Classic Training Hall Wall Charts will do the job.

Each chart is on 11x17 heavy duty, classically "aged" looking colored paper. Resized from the originals, they form a great 4 piece set. 

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