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Leg Development DVD & Course Combo


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Quick Overview

Leg Development DVD & Course Combo: Learn to build a strong lower body with classic Iron Boots and barbells!
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Build A Strong Foundation From The Ground Up!

Leg Strength Built Around Iron Boots:

Dumbbells for your Feet!



Make your legs so big you will want to wear a kilt! Or at least your girlfriend will want you in a kilt...


An amazing thing has happened. There are a lot of guys out there with Iron Boots, but they just needed a good set of straps and some INSTRUCTION. The Atomic Athletic Leg Development DVD: Vol. 1 includes:

Iron Boot Training - From a bench, Standing, From a Chinning Bar;

The Ultimate Warm-Up Stretch;

Barbell Leg Trainining, including: The Steinborn Lift, Deep Knee Bends v. Squatting, Barbell Hack Squats, The Jefferson Lift ...and MORE!

Plus tons of trivia, and why the greats from the past did it THAT way! It turns out that they also needed the instructional material to get their Classic leg training off the ground. We have included Iron Boot training as well as the classic leg training exercises of the past. Some of those classic strongman physiques included insane leg development, but they didn't have machines!


Do you have limited space? Do you have limited cash? Do you just want the most intense and functional leg training you can get? It is for those guys that we are offering this package, the Atomic Athletic Leg Development DVD & Course Combo.


Yes, you get the Atomic Athletic Leg Development Course Booklet and the Atomic Athletic Leg Development DVD: Vol. 1 in one combo package. As of January 1, 2016, the Atomic Athletic Leg Development Course Booklet is e-mailed to you as a PDF file. This means you can print off as many copies of it as you like! Make notes in it and just print off another copy. Print off extra copies for your friends! PDFs are great!

For those of you who wanted the York Leg Development Course, we warned you. They are sold out, and you may never get your chance to have one of those babies again. Yes, that was the same course with John Grimek on the cover. It was over 60 years old, and literally just came out of the celephane packing. As we said, "...these will not be around for long. It is just an introductory offer. They look brand new!" That couse is NOT included in this package. However, you will get the Atomic Athletic Leg Development DVD: Vol. 1. You get a little history AND you will learn how to properly perform iron boot exercises, as well as barbell exercises, all with classic equipment from the Atomic Athletic Collection. You have never heard of it? It is not something you can buy, but you can see it in use. Roger's barbell is estimated to be at least 100 years old. The Atomic Athletic Leg Development Course is the same course that is included with the Iron Boots.


If you are one of those guys who just needs a good set of Heavy Duty Iron Boot Straps, then you need to click the link.

If you STILL have to buy your own Iron Boots, then here is a link. If you are really getting into specific injury prevention, then try our Ankle Stability Kit, for use with the Iron Boots.


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