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Olympic & Powerlifting (2" Dia.) Equipment

Olympic & Powerlifting (2" Dia.) Equipment

"Olympic lifting is the purest

expression of speed and strength."

- Fred Lowe (165 Lb. Class, held the US Clean & Jerk record for a 20 year period.)

Fred Lowe knows what he's talking about. He won his first Senior Nationals in Olympic style weightlifting in 1969, and went on to win a total of seven Nationals. He held the US National Record in the clean & jerk for 22 years and was voted as one of the lifters of the decade for the 1970s. He is still the lightest weight US athlete to clean & jerk over 400 pounds, which he did in the 165 pound class. He was on three Olympic teams: 1968, 1972, and 1976. After a layoff from 1983 to 1993, Fred started Masters level weightlifting. He has competed in 3 Senior Nationals since that time and in 1997 took a bronze, becoming the oldest man to medal in a US Senior Nationals.

Atomic Athletic is #1 for Olympic weighting training information and the place for the best Bumper Plates, Olympic Bars and accessories.

Whether you are a competitive lifter or take up Olympic lifting as a hobby, Atomic Athletic can help you reach your goals. If you have a question on Olympic Lifting or need some weightlifting workouts, shoot an email to Roger (, he is still an active Olympic lifting competitor and will be happy to answer all your Olympic Lifting questions.

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