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Tendon & Ligament Strength Training: Course #1 DVD


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Tendon & Ligament Strength Training DVD: Learn the classic art of Isometrics, Partials and Chain Bar Lifting with the Weightlifting Harness and Ring Weight Handle for one hand deadlifting.
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  • Tendon & Ligament Strength Training: Course #1 DVD
  • Tendon & Ligament Strength Training: Course #1 DVD - Video Photos

Tendon & Ligament Strength Training


Learn Lost Arts

of the

Old Time Strongman

The now common association of "pumped" muscles as an indication of strength is a relatively modern phenomenon. While big bloated muscles may look good at the beach, they won't do much for you on the field, in the ring or on the lifting platform. Functional muscle is the mark of a champion athlete.

The importance of tendon and ligament strengthening techniques are rarely seen in today's training literature.

What little material that you will find on this subject has been developed more from a rehabilitation perspective and will do little for a strength athlete. Roger LaPointe, President of Atomic Athletic, has done hours of historical research in a variety of different sources in a effort to unlock the secrets of tendon and ligament development.

Tendon and Ligament training will help strengthen bones, connective tissues and joints for dramatically increasing power while simultaneously decreasing the chance for injury.

In addition to this research, Roger provides his own training experiences and techniques. His teacher for a number of years was Dick Smith, the original coach of the legendary York Barbell Olympic lifting team. "Smitty" taught Roger a number of the training methods that helped the York team win gold medal after gold medal. Roger has had great successs with these techniques while running his own company and working full time.

This one-of-a-kind video shows the time tested methods of increasing the strength of the ligaments and tendons using pre-drug era concepts and lifts that you just don't see anymore

Over 51 minutes of lifting action:

-Power rack training for beginners and veteran lifters. You'll never look at your rack the same way again.

-Singles for size and strength. It can be done, heres how.

-Chain lifting techniques. This technique can double or triple the effects of your barbell training.

-Iron Ring training for building ultimate grip power and claws for hands.

-How to use the weightlifting machines that you might find in any gym to build tendon and ligament power. Now you can build super strength wherever you go.

-A special apearance by the Kool-aide man!

Tendon and Ligament training is the "secret weapon" that can help you become a champion.


On this Item!

Atomic Tip: Using the Hand & Thigh Bar with the Chain Lift Bar for a Kennedy Lift will allow you to go much heavier than a Jefferson Lift (barbell Straddle Deadlift), as you can “set” the bar in the partial movement. While you certainly can use bumper plates, cast iron 100's are far more dense. Make sure you use accurate ones, or at least weigh them so you can get the weight right from one end of the bar to the other. Obviously, you want the chain lift bar to have a balanced load, without loose wobbly collars.

Read about Brodie's Saloon & The Kennedy Lift here.

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