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Classic Shot Loading Kettlebell: Medium


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Atomic Athletic Classic Kettlebell: Medium Shot Loading
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  • Classic Shot Loading Kettlebell: Medium
  • Classic Shot Loading Kettlebell: Medium
At Atomic Athletic,

the old ways will

never die.

Think Old School for a minute.

You know, the guys who didn't need drugs and who were super strong anyway. Guys who were serious about their training and who didn't go to the gym to screw around.

In recent years, people like that have been few and far between, except at Atomic Athletic.

We count the most serious people in strength training as our customers since our inception. Professional Athletes, high level strength coaches, basement lifters and backyard strongmen all come to Atomic Athletic for the very best workouts, training tips and highest quality equipment.

We seem to attract only people who are serious about getting stronger which is why our equipment is as intense as our customers.

Take for example our Atomic Athletic Classic Medium Sized Shot-loading kettlebell. These are made with pride in the heart of the Motor City by our master Blacksmith.

Throw in a custom 2 inch handle and you're in business for some serious strength development. Our regular stocking handle is 1 1/4 inches in diameter and just the perfect size for you high rep and juggling work. You can do all the traditional movements with this and even a few that can't be done with the cast models.

Weight: 25 Pounds
Max Load: 115 Pounds
Ball Diameter: 8 3/4 Inch

Atomic Tip:
Many of our customers don't even bother to load their shot-loading equipment as they get a great workout even when empty. Add a few pounds of BBs though and you have a "live" weight that tries to wrestle out of your hands with every movement. This comes in handy especially when training for close quarter combat situations.

NOTE: The photo at the left is an old photo. Please look at the Large and Small size photos to see the NEW Style. The old style is no longer being manufactured. New photos of the Medium Sized Classic Kettlebells will be up soon.

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