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Classic Shot Loadable Dumbbell: Medium


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Classic Shot Loadable Dumbbell: Medium
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  • Classic Shot Loadable Dumbbell: Medium
  • Lime Green Custom Strongman Dumbbell: Jeff "T-Rex" Bankens

Classic Shot Loadable Dumbbell: Medium


Progressive Resistance Training

Micro Loading Grains of Shot is your

Juggernaut to Power!

Thoughout the history of Physical Culture, the dumbbell has been heralded as the ultimate training tool. Shot Loaded Dumbbells combine all the benefits of the dumbbell training concept with the best of Progressive Resistance Training, the micro loading theory.

Plate loaded adjustable dumbbells are great. However, they change shape every time to change the weight. Soon enough, they become very long and unmanagable. Your Shot Loading Dumbbell does not change shape when you add weight. Because it does not change shape as you add weight, you can keep working the same range of motion regardless of the weight you are lifting. I like plate loading dumbbells, but I find it really annoying when the bar path and range of motion has to change, just as I got strong enough to add some weight. That problem is not an issue with a shot loaded piece of equipment.

The Shot Loaded Dumbbell became the weapon of choice for strength training proponents in the early 20th Century, with the advent of the MILO Bar Bell Company. Before Alan Calvert started the MILO Bar Bell Company, the vast majority of iron and steel strength training equipment came from Europe, and primarily Germany.

MILO had many different designs for promoting progressive resistance training, but the classic globe bell was always the signature style. On the collectors market, classic originals can go for thousands of dollars. Now is your chance to get a brand new, all steel globe type dumbbell.

I grew up lifting on a classic MILO Tri-Plex which was originally purchased by my Great Grandfather Jackson in 1919. I am lucky. Now you and your children...and grand children can get the benefits of a shot loaded dumbbell, like I did.

The Dumbbell shown in the photo has a 1 1/2 inch diameter handle, and Traditional Gloss Black Paint, the second photo with the metallic candy coat lime green was a custom paint job for professional performing strongman Jeff  "T-Rex" Bankens.  If you want a custom paint job, then you must TALK to Roger on the phone (419)352-5100.  Do NOT e-mail your custom question.  Each custom paint job is quoted individually.  All of our shot loaded dumbbells are made to order, regardless of paint color, and require a 4-6 week lead time, after payment.  It is NOT an order unless we have been paid.  Yes, this policy is based on past experience.

While these are not calibrated, they weigh about 45 - 50 pounds each.  Depending on the type of shot you use, there should be no problem loading it up to 175 pounds.

Jeff "T-Rex" Bankens is available for SHOWS and can be contacted at the following addresses:

T-Rex Power Events

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