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Train Like A Strongman: Intro Package


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Train Like A Strongman: Intro Package
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Train Like A Strongman: Intro Package

You Want

Real Classic Strength?

This Is How You Get It.
Dont mess around.
Don't even mess around. If I could have started off my training this way, I would have saved years of effort.

Recharge Yourself
This is the way I start training everyone. If they have been lifting for years, I get them on this program. If they are just starting out, I get them on this program.

Neuro-Muscular Strength
It is a simple method of training the body, mind and neuro-muscular system. If you want to start teaching your body to move from a position of strength, automatically, without having to take the time to think through each move. This is the program for you. If you want to go at the way of the classic strongmen of days gone by, from a time before drugs, then this is the program you need to get going on.

Train Like A Strongman: Intro Package
You Get:
Train Like A Strongman: Basic Course
Train Like A Strongman DVD Volume 1
Train Like A Strongman DVD Volume 2

"Right as usual.Not everyone can be a bodybuilder,but everyone can enjoy bodybuilding. Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strongman or strongwoman, the same senerio. Genetics are hard to overcome. When I competed in the 70's, I benched 400# and squatted 500#. Several regional competitors were at the 450# and 650#+ levels. I realized I should enjoy as diverse a sampling of the strength sports as possible because I simply didn't have the underlying potential to be a champion, regardless of how hard I trained. Time to enjoy the simple pleasure of competing with myself. My strongman course gives me the perfect opportunity to train and not become bored or frustrated by being channeled into one particular strength protocol... and maybe I'll shoot some hoops afterward!"
Chris Bostick, Syracuse, NY

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