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Stone Padlock Training Vol. 1 DVD Package


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Stone Padlock Training Vol. 1 DVD Package
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  • Stone Padlock Training Vol. 1 DVD Package

Stone Padlock Training Vol. 1 DVD Package

The Ancient Methods of the Past

Masters Can Be Yours!

The Shaolin & Okinawan Karate Masters use them and so can you.
Stone Padlocks are the secret training tool of the martial arts greats, but they were left in Asia. No longer the secret tool of a select few, you too can acquire the strength of those Asian martial masters.
This package contains:

Stone Padlock Training Vol. 1 DVD

The Book: 72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple

4 Stone Padlock & Sphere Special Reports

Roger LaPointe, President of Atomic Athletic, has done extensive research on the use of Stone Padlocks for strength training.

Learn the proper techniques to get yourself started in padlock training. Study the proper form, presented from a Western perspective, that most English speaking strength trainers will find understandable. The Shaolin Monks really do seem to speak in riddles, but this video does not.

No previous martial arts experience is necessary.

Roger interprets the moves in such a way that you can incorporate them into your regular workout, whether that is for general athletics, martial arts or pure strength and power building. Workout intensity is the name of the game and you get exercises for 10 Pound, 25 Pound and 45 Pound size Padlocks. Considered by many to be the source for the Kettlebell concept, here is where you see the origin of many exercises.

Sure to improve your sports performance, regardless of the activity.

72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple is one of the best training manuals ever written. Culled from the indivual notes of many past Siphus, the mountains of information in this 285 page book are enormous. It is the only book of its type, with 2 chapters specifically about Stone Padlock training. We only wish there were more chapters like these.

Essential viewing for anyone who wants to get the most from their Padlock and/or Kettlebell training!
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