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Lifting Stones


Stone lifting:

A timeless Test of Manhood...

Thanks to the World's Strongest Man contest's Atlas Stone Lifting Events, stone lifting has re-emerged as the strongman strength athlete's event of choice. Atomic Athletic is the number one place to get genuine granite lifting stones as well as stone lifting courses, videos and accessories.

Atomic Athletic stone products include: stone balls, mill stones, Indian gar nal (stone wheels), granite and jade padlocks. We occasionally get antique stone items in stock, but those are rarely listed on the web site.

All Atomic Athletic stone products are hand carved from high quality granite, or jade, in the case of some of our stone padlocks. All stone sizes and weights are approximate. Atomic Athletic round stone spheres are cut to a specific diameter, but the density of the granite can vary. Call if you need a specific weight.
Note: Custom sizes are also available (419)352-5100


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