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Atomic Ball 180 Pounds: Rough Stone


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Quick Overview

Atomic Ball 180 Pounds: Sometimes called Atlas Stones, real granite is the choice of champions.

Heavy Item

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  • Dr. Ken Leistner with a 180 Pound Granite Ball, sometimes called an Atlas Stone.

180 Pound Granite Ball is Perfect for Training!


This 180 Pound Atomic Ball is a great size for training like the guys in the World's Strongest Man Contests! Atomic Balls are solid granite spheres that are perfect for lifting!

Make your outdoor training as tough as your indoor training. Full body multi-joint exercises are what make real tough guys.
Our standard Atomic Balls have a rough surface that is somewhat like knurling on an Olympic Barbell.

This one, coming it at 180 pounds, is a perfect intermediate size for a variety of lifts.   This is a great size for pressing.  The photo is of Dr. Ken Leistner, our very first customer... casually walking around with his 180 pound solid granite Atomic Ball.  Yes, folks, that is about 20 pounds more than his bodyweight.  You try it.

The 180 pounder is shown in the photo has our most popular finish, the rough finish.  The other finish, or surface texture, is called honed, and it is smooth.

***** ALL Stones heavier than 140 Pounds MUST be shipped by Common Carrier Freight. That means your 180 pound Granite Ball cannot be delivered by UPS Ground and a Semi is going to pull up in front of your house or gym to unload a pallet with your granite balls. You must call to get a shipping quote: (419)352-5100 *****

International Shipping

Atomic Athletic will ship to locations outside the USA!

As an example, we can ship 3 DVDs like: Tendon & Ligament Strength Training, the National Basque Festival and Classic Core Training to Great Britain for only $10.

Hit this link to find out more about our International Shipping.

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