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Classic Shot Loading Globe Head (16" Head Pictured)/Each


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Quick Overview

Loadable 16.75 Inch Dia. Globe Head
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Globe barbells are

a classic in the

world of Old

School Strength


Check out these 16.75" diameter, removable globe heads. You can put these on your regular, rotating Olympic sized barbell. They are shot loadable and weigh 40Kg (88 pounds) when empty.

These were a huge hit at the original Midnight Parking Lot Workout. Many of the nations's top Strength Coaches went nuts on these. Read about it here.

These Globe Heads look great on one of our loading pins with an Atomic Athletic Iron Ring to make a huge kettlebell.

Learn to catch the bounce on a clean with a shot loaded dumbbell, kettlebell or barbell. If you time it right, you will come popping right up out of the clean with the easiest front squat of your life.

Tommy Kono gave that tip to Roger the AOBS Dinner years ago. That technique led him to win weightlifting gold at 9 world championship competitions, and 1 silver. Three of those competitions were at the Olympic Games so Tommy knows what he's talking about.

The Train Like A Strongman Vol. 1 DVD has some great globe barbell coverage.

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