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Stone Padlock 10 or 7.5 Pound: Classic Granite (pair) - Ishi-Sashi or Shi Shuo


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Stone Padlocks are the authentic training tools of the Shaolin Monks and Okinawan Karate Masters. Stone padlocks are sometimes confused with kettlebells and dumbbells, but combine elements of each with their own unique training concepts.
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  • Stone Padlock 10 Pound: Classic Granite (pair) - Ishi-Sashi or Shi Shuo

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10 Pound Stone Padlocks

Train with the authentic training tools of the Shaolin Monks.

Shaolin Monks have known the value of stone padlock training since the Han Dynasty, over 2000 years ago.

These stone weights are called stone padlocks as they resemble traditional Chinese padlocks. 

"When learning a new form of strength training, allow your mind to ebb and flow with the new paradigm. Alter your own perception to absorb the experience like you did as a child. Dick "Smitty" Smith, my coach at York, would say,"Don't try. Do." and this is the essence of learning like a child." Roger LaPointe

Stone Padlocks can be used for a variety of upper body exercises. The 10 Pound Stone Padlocks are particularly effective for practicing striking movements which can increase your punching power. No other implement stresses the wrists as effectively during this movement.

Stronger wrists translate into harder striking power and more lights-out knockout shots for you.

The Shaolin Monks perform a variety of exercises with stone padlocks. They use the smaller sized Padlocks for striking movements, as mentioned above, and favor a snatch-type movement with the heavier padlocks. These weights are used for hundreds or perhaps thousands of movements per day by Monks in training.

Stone Padlock exercises produce phenomenal full body conditioning, a grip of steel and a training edge that make the Shaolin Monks some of the fiercest fighters the world has ever known.

The video below shows some interesting manuvers being done with an obviously much heavier than 10 pound stone.

All of our Variations of Stone Padlock Styles
(From Left to Right) Retro Granite Padlock, Classic Granite Padlock, Jade Padlock
Stone Padlock Samples

These implements are hand carved out of granite and made to the exact specifications that Shaolin Monks have been using for centuries. Exercises with these implements spread to a number of regions and are thought to be the inspiration for many kettlebell training ideas that have surfaced in recent history.

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Example, we can ship 3 DVDs like: Tendon & Ligament Strength Training, the National Basque Festival and Classic Core Training to Great Britain for only $10.

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