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Iron Boots & Course


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Iron Boots & Course: The Classic Health Shoe & Leg Developer
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  • Iron Boots
  • Iron Boot Leg Curls
  • Iron Boots
  • Free Iron Boot Course
  • Antique Iron Boot Leg Press

Iron Boots & Course: The Classic Health Shoe & Leg Developer

Iron Boots:

A Full Leg Workout

That Fits in Your Gym Bag


Before leg extension and leg curl machines, there was Iron Boot training. Iron Boots have been helping athletes get unbelievable leg development for decades.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Iron Boots, think of iron sandals that strap on your feet. They utilize a classic dumbbell bar placed through the sole of the boot,  allowing them to be loaded with standard size weight plates and used for leg, ab, lower back, hip and ankle exercises.

For many years, the Iron Boot was one of the signature products of the York Barbell Company. If you are lucky enough to own a copy of “How to Build Super Strength, Health and Development with the York Leg Developing Course" published by Bob Hoffman in 1943, you can see many classic shots of the Iron Boot in action. That leg development course is the blue one with John Grimek on the cover.  They were also regularly featured in Strength & Health Magazine articles.  Exercises included: leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses, bicycles, leg lifts and even ISO reverse hyperextensions (for hip strength and low back strength).  Atomic Athletic President, Roger LaPointe sold many of those classic York Iron Boots before they were discontinued in the late 1990s.

Today's Iron Boot set now includes the Atomic Athletic Leg Development Course!

The secrets of the past are now revealed. While Iron Boots are ideal for leg exercises, most people don’t realize that Iron Boots are also perfect for abdominal training. Hanging leg raises, and various forms of sit-ups can be taken to the extreme with the addition of Iron Boot exercises to your routine. They are also a very efficient way to add weight to your pull-ups and stretch out your hip flexors. No matter what you use them for, Iron Boots are worth their weight in gold.

Note: These are NOT made by Ivanko, and they are exclusively available at Atomic Athletic. One size fits all. Flat sole means you can now stand on one foot to do standing single leg exercises. This is especially useful for the martial arts guys. 

Each Iron Boot Set comes with the pair of Iron Boots, and the tough steel pressure buckle straps to keep them on your feet. It now also comes complete with the written Atomic Athletic Leg Development Course. Iron Boots only take "Standard" size plates, meaning that the hole is the smaller one (1") inch diameter hole. Please do not confuse this with "Olympic" or "International" size plates.

Second Left Photo: York Weight Plate Package is sold separately. Bars and Collars are sold separately as a package.

Our Iron Boots utilize the same bars and collars as the NEW Retro Kettlebell Handles.

Check out the FREE Podcast on Iron Boots!    Motivation & Muscle: "Podcast on Iron Boots"

If you deal with Sciatica (the pain associated with inflamation of the sciatic nerve, click this link for a great exercise that you can do with the Iron Boots.

Another Great Iron Boot Exercise: 

Alternating Leg Presses!

See the old illustration above!

Get yours today!

Please Note: The old IVANKO dumbbell bars will not work correctly with our Kettlebell Handles, Brass Thick Handle Adaptors or our Iron Boots. However, our Heavy Duty Iron Boot Straps and various dumbbell bars will work with the old IVANKO Iron Boots.

ATOMIC TIP: "A simple Iron Boot workout with leg extensions, leg curls, reverse hyper extensions and leg raises will significantly strengthen the knees, hips, ankles and the associated musculature, especially the lower abdominals. " Roger LaPointe

"Etre fort pour être utile." Georges Hebert (Be strong, to be useful.)

Cast for Atomic Athletic in high quality North American iron.

NOTE: Priced PER PAIR of iron boots with our FREE Iron Boot Training Manual!

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