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Norbert Schemansky: "Mr. Weightlifting" Signed Book & Extra Interviews


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Norbert Schemansky: "Mr. Weightlifting" Signed Book & Extra Interviews
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Norbert Schemansky: "Mr. Weightlifting" Signed Hardcover Book & Extra Interviews


World Record


4 Olympic


I could go on and on, or you could just buy Norbert Schemansky's book.

For a LIMITED time, you have the opportunity to get a signed copy of his beautiful hardcover book.

His lifts were perfect. They were so perfect that they were filmed and studied by the Soviets. Lifters from all over the world tried to copy his style. Nobody could quite duplicate what Norbert Schemansky did.

This is your opportunity to study the IWF's Best Lifter of the 20th Century.

Mr. Weightlifting, written by Richard Bak, is filled with black and white photos, color photos, interviews with friends, family, Norb's competitors, and of course, Norb's own reflections. Get the history and personality of one of the greatest athletes to ever enter a weightroom.

Here is just a sample:
"The jerk always came natural to me, so I didn't practice it that much," he recalled. "About 2 or 3 times a month I'd practice jerks with weights up to my top clean." Norb could continental and jerk 430 pounds.

Of course, you will also get Norb's personality throughout the book. This is really great reading. Where else are you going to get the real story about Norb and Jim Bradford snagging free beer in Germany? These are really great stories about an American original. Some of the legends are true, but the truth is even better. Don't pass this up.

There are also the records. Simply awesome.

You might even improve your own lifts...

Now Includes

Roger's Interviews From

World Weightlifting


Roger's 1996 Interview's are unavailable in any other package.

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