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Power Clean Clinic DVD by Atomic Athletic


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Power Clean Clinic DVD by Atomic Athletic and Featuring Roger LaPointe with real world coaching of athletes. Tweak Your Power Clean Technique & Lift More Weight. Learn From the Atomic Athletic POWER CLEAN CLINIC!
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Power Clean Clinic DVD by Atomic Athletic


Tweak Your Power Clean Technique & Lift More Weight

Learn From the Atomic Athletic POWER CLEAN CLINIC!

If you were not able to make it to our first Power Clean Clinic you missed out!

We lifted. We analyzed. We lifted more.

We went over form, technique, positioning, pulling and even touched on some lifting history. Then we lifted even more!

By the time the clinic was over we had many Personal Record lifts in the Power Clean! Whats even better? Those that attended took the knowledge home with them and GOT EVEN BIGGER LIFTS!

The Atomic Athletic Power Clean Clinic is the gift that keeps giving!

Did you miss out? Well that's okay, you can now buy the DVD!
You don't have to wait for the next clinic, you can start improving your lifts now. Don't reinvent the wheel. This DVD might clear up a nagging problem that has been holding you back. Then you can come to the next clinic and have your lift analyzed and improved even more!

Until then, check out this short video taken from the Power Clean Clinic....

Refine and improve your: Power Clean, Pulling Position, Technique and Form. This DVD will help you get the absolute most weight and speed out of each lift.

Mastering the Power Clean can take years of professional training and dedication, but the results are worth it! Atomic Athletic wants to help get you there faster. With a little education at the beginning, you can start making productive gains in strength and explosiveness, right from the start.

You Will Improve Your
Muscular Development:Power Cleans work your entire body, especially your posterior chain: Calves, hamstrings, glutes & lower back, as well as your upper-back, traps, grip, wrist and forearm.

Racking the Bar: The Power Clean movement is ideal for other exercises. Properly racking the bar at your shoulders can be the most difficult part of the Power Clean, but improving this aspect of your lift will not only help you power clean greater and greater weights, it will improve your front squats and overhead presses. Before the 1960s, lifters didn't even use squat stands. They just cleaned the weight. How is that for tough?

Power Development: Training in the Power Clean helps you achieve faster running times. More power and greater strength means faster sprint times.

The Power Clean Mini-Clinic was a concentrated Saturday morning clinic featuring our President, Roger LaPointe, with real world coaching of athletes. The actual Power Clean Clinic was three hours long. We have condensed it down to one DVD made up of an hour and thirty seven minutes of the most essential information and lifting.

1 DVD Disk
Time: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

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