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Short Dumbbell Bars & Collars for Iron Boots


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Short Dumbbell Bars & Collars for Iron Boots
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  • Short Dumbbell Bars & Collars for Iron Boots

Short Dumbbell Bars & Collars for Iron Boots

Time to Isolate

With Your

Iron Boots!

Now you can get your feet close together AND add extra weight to your Iron Boots!

The Atomic Athletic Short Dumbbell Bar Set includes:
- 2 Machine Turned, Black Oxided, 8" Long x 1" Diameter Dumbbell Bars.

- 4 Allen Collars that fit 1" Dia. Bars.

These bars are long enough to fit a pair of 10 Pound York Standard Size Plates, both pairs of Allen Collars and a single Iron Boot. We used to have the little red wrenchless screw type collars, but the Allen Collars are more versitile.  We found many guys were putting a pair of Allen Collars next to the boot, then putting on their plates and then another Allen Collar to secure them.  That allowed for wider feet, or just faster plate changing.  They are too short for the Kettlebell Handles. They will also work with smaller sized, or thinner plates.

You want these bars because they are made of the same high tensile strength steel as our Long Dumbbell Bars, and they are machine turned a true round with chamfered ends. Which means they will give a safe and solid fit to any collar desined for standard sized plates. Sure, you could get black iron pipe from Home Depot for a fraction of the price, but this is one of those cases where you WILL get what you pay for. Trust me, or just learn for yourself.

Live strong,
Roger LaPointe
President, Atomic Athletic

Atomic Tip
ISO Reverse Hyper Exercise: I know you want strong glutes, hamstrings and low back. If so, it is time to try out the Iso Reverse Hyper Exercise. Anyone who is seriously into strength training has heard about the reverse hyper extension exercise for strengthening the posterior chain of muscles. This is not a new exercise.
The exercise is now popular enough to be featured on a late night infomercial and powerlifters have been doing it for years, but it is much, much older than the current crop of exercise professionals would have you think.

You don't have to buy an expensive machine to perform the exercise, but here is a quick history. Universal had the first modern reverse hyper extension machine, as part of their commercial single station line of the 1980s. Before Universal, Nautilus had their Hip & Back machine which did a very similar movement. Yet it was the amazing Sig Klein who had the earliest commercial showing of this exercise. At least it is the earliest I have been able to find. It is featured as a free weight exercise on a wall chart, which I estimate to be from the late 1920s or early 1930s.

Now it is time to try out the ISO Reverse Hyper Extension Exercise with Iron Boots.

I have incorporated the Iron Boot Reverse Hyper in my training for some time now. Recently, Atomic Athletic introduced a very simple Iron Boot option which successfully allows for a true Free Weight Iso Reverse Hyper movement that allows the addition of extra weight!

You simply use a shorter bar, allowing the feet to get closer together as they pass one another. This avoids some of the clanking together of a longer bar. Obviously, you will use less weight than a machine, or even a connected pair of boots, but the benefits will be quick and immediately obvious. This small bar really allows your Iron Boots to be dumbbells for your lower body.

Very cool stuff.
Watch Some More Exercises in the Video Shown Above
Just click the "Product Video" Tab


"Made in the USA. Not just a slogan, it's national security."
Roger LaPointe, President Atomic Athletic.
Copyright Roger LaPointe, 2008.

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