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Sledge Hammer: 2 Pound Head, 36" Hickory Handle & Sledge Hammer Special Report #1


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Sledge Hammer: 2 Pound Head, 36" Hickory Handle & Sledge Hammer Special Report #1
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The Measure of a Man

Was Shown

in the

Swing of His Axe!

The Gladstonian Exercise

Saxon warriors fought using this movement. Giant battle axes, with handles as long as 5 feet, would be swinging in regular figure eight movements from left to right. Lines of these men were staged like this, with the heavy axes, ready to crush the skulls and armor of knights on horses.

This type of fighting took place in England a thousand years ago. I saw a reenactor perform the skill on video several years ago. At the time, I never thought of it as an exercise, until I found an old exercise wall chart tucked into a record sleeve. It's true. The record set is an old fitness routine on 78s. Pretty cool. Based on copyrights, I can only guess that the set is almost 100 years old. I don't believe that the wall chart is that old, based on the printing technique used, but it is unusual and cool.

Sledge Hammers are the the perfect tool to practice the Gladstonian exercise. This is a fun one.

I have tried it out both moving my hands on the hammer handle and keeping them planted. Both methods work as an exercise. I am not sure if they would both be effective for taking down armor clad knights on snorting battle chargers. Fortunately, I don't think any of us have to worry about that issue. This is just a great upper body exercise that will get your grip and forearms like nothing else.

Remember, the figure eights are lying on their sides. I suggest starting out with a very light hammer, but you do need length. Short little hammers did not seem to work at all. That means the standard full length 36 inch long sledge hammers are the way to go. How the heck those guys did it with 5 footers I can't imagine. I guess if my life depended on it, I would learn how to do it. Remember, all of the Atomic Athletic hickory handle sledge hammers are now a full 36 inch length.

Check out the photo below. Roger shows a nice comparison of the three smallest Sledge Hammers.

From Left to Right, we have the:
4 Pound Sledge Hammer
3 Pound Sledge Hammer
2 Pound Sledge Hammer

Atomic Athletic is the only place you will find these smaller sledge hammers with FULL 36 Inch Long Sledge Hammer Handles. Perfect for training that grip and arm strength with real progressive resistance training.

This special malleable iron head is not designed to pound hardened steel. Originally designed for use on soft metals or as a weight.

Sledge Hammer: 2 Pound Malleable Iron Head, 36 Inch Long Hickory Handle With Sledge Hammer Workout Special Report.

Approximately 6-8 DAYS lead time to ship date.

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