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Sled: Heavy Duty Pulling Type


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Sled: Heavy Duty Pulling Type
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Want to develop

legs like pistons?

The Atomic Athletic Pulling Sled is an investment in the ultimate development. Backward dragging, frontwards dragging, sideways dragging, bearcrawl dragging. The results from this type of training can be scary...

Do you know what metabolic conditioning is? When you are talking athletic performance, you are talking about the maximum combination of strength and conditioning.

You can be a "weightroom warrior" but if you "gas out" in a minute or two, you are dead meat.

On the other hand, you can be be in the greatest shape ever but possess the strength of a young mosquito.

In both cases, the outcome will not be pretty when it's crunch time.

With the Atomic Athletic Pulling Sled you can develop both strength and endurance, transforming yourself into a total monster.

Quit wasting time with a sled that will let you down when the game is on the line.

Shipping weight of 35 Pounds.

This beast is stamped out of heavy plate steel with our EXCLUSIVE curved front. This is not a straight edged bent front that will catch on every root and stone but a nice gradual curve. Comes with the 5/8" harness hook-up rope, harness not included.

Get em'!

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