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Solid Rubber Training Bumper Plate: 15 KG


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Solid Rubber Training Bumper Plate: 15 KG
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Solid Rubber Training Bumper Plate: 15 KG


Power Generation

That is the Official Atomic Athletic slogan for a reason!

These bumper plates are quite a bit thicker than the Leoko Bumpers, but very popular in garage gyms, key clubs and high schools. They are a really excellent value, especially as a starter set for all the Olympic lifts. All disks are black with a classic bronze bushing.

Olympic weightlifters, strongman athletes, highland games competitors, powerlifters and any other athlete who wants to increase their explosive potential should be doing variations of the Olympic lifts, if not the full lifts. Some other sports that athletes have found Olympic weightlifting to be beneficial are: football, wrestling, track & field, basketball, vollyball and various martial arts, among others.

Even Bruce Lee was a big fan of the power clean!

Even guys like Louie Simmons use explosive Olympic weightlifting movements in their training. Powerlifters have always benefitted from the explosive movements, just ask the Europeans or Bill Starr!

Photos are representative of size and do not indicate anything inclusive with this sale beyond a single 10 Kg Solid Rubber Training Bumper Plate. In the lower photo, from Left to Right 25Kg Bumper, 25 Kg Bumper, 20 Kg Bumper, 15 Kg Bumper, 10 Kg Bumper, smaller plates are rubber coated iron plates.

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