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Train Like A Strongman Vol 2 DVD


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Train Like A Strongman Volume 2 DVD
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  • Train Like A Strongman Vol 2 DVD & Special Report
  • Train Like A Strongman Vol 2 DVD & Special Report

Train Like A Strongman Vol 2 DVD & Special Report

A Crushing Grip, Huge Forearm and a Powerful Neck
Can NOW Be Yours!

The classic strongman thick bar and neck training techniques, like those used by Joe Nordquest in the 1920's, can be found in the Train Like A Strongman Volume 2 DVD.

The performing strongmen of the past knew the absolute necessity for a powerful grip and a thick strong neck. They also knew that efficiency in the gym and a minimum of equipment was absolutely essential. Using both classical strongman techniques and a minimum of modern tools, Roger LaPointe continues the Train Like A Strongman concept in this second DVD.

You can now benefit from this nearly lost knowledge.

Here is what Roger covers:

Neck Work
-See Mr. Universe Bill Pearl's favorite neck exercises. Bill Pearl Trains Atomic Athletic President, Roger LaPointe in manual neck work with a partner.
-See Head Strap training tricks to speed up your workout.
-See when not to use a head strap.
-Next level training for your neck and jaw with that link between Asian martial arts and the traditional classic strongman work from 4 generations ago!
-Rope training for the neck! Ropes are for more than just climbing. Roger shows you old time carny methods of strongman neck training that will get you from the top of your head through your entire back and right to your feet! This is not for the weak of heart or anybody that does not get the approval of their doctor. It is for anyone who wants to get an insanely powerful neck.

You have never seen anything like this!

I have never seen any of this type of work printed in any book or film!

Thick Bar and Accessory Grip Training
-See Thick handled Globe Barbell work.
-See Thick Handled Globe Dumbbell work.
-See Plate Loading Thick Olympic Barbell Work.
-See John Davis' technique for cleaning the Apollon Barbell. This is Roger, not Davis. There is a good explanation of the technique.
-See the Aftermath Sniper Gripper in use.
-See crazy rope training methods! We were not going to put this in until Strength Coach Aaron Hillman, of Bowling Green State University, asked why we have a rope hanging from the chinning bar in the warehouse power rack...
-See Dr. Ken Leistner talking about his classic barbell...

We cram all of this information onto one DVD.

Balance & Proprioception Training derived from the Jacob's Ladder / Indian Ladder Game Special Report
You also get Roger's Special Report on the training regimen he developed for learning how to do the Jacob's Ladder, also called The Ladder Game in India. It's a little insane and not a game that he recommends, but the training methods he developed are highly effective. This is one Special Report you will want to refer to repeatedly.

Your "Train Like A Strongman Volume 2 DVD & The Ladder Game Special Report" will become valuable reference tools in your arsenal of strength training weapons. This is knowledge you need right now.

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