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Super Yoke Walk


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Super Yoke from Atomic Athletic: Walking with weights is as old as the village strongman contest, this piece is made for travel and adjustability. Yes! You can fit it in the back of a 1981 Hatchback Chevette! All you need is 2 wrenches and a bolt bag.
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It has begun...

The transformation from man..

Thousands of years ago, Milo of Croton carried a calf on his back each day. Little-by-little and day-by-day, the calf grew larger and so did Milo's strength. He was eventually able to carry a full grown bull the length of a stadium, an unduplicated feat of strength even today, after thousands of years.

Lots of people know about that story but what you might not know is that Milo won five consecutive wrestling titles at the ancient Olympics, the last of which when he was over forty years of age!

Milo's great strength and unbelievable levels of athletic power were built by weight carrying.

Flash forward to the modern day:

"Walking with heavy weight builds tremendous endurance and strength and coordination, and I would include some sort of carrying lift in any workout I would be doing in the quest for super strength."

-Steve Justa,
author of Rock Iron Steel

Steve is famous for doing quarter squats with 1700 lbs., pushing a 4 ton truck over a quarter mile and other mind-boggling strength feats.

Needless to say, when it comes to getting strong, Steve knows what he's talking about.

The message is pretty clear: if you are interested in new levels of strength and power, then you better add weight carrying to your program.

Walking around with a loaded barbell on your back is just asking for trouble though...A good yoke is what you need. The Atomic Athletic Super Yoke is the highest quality yoke you can get.

It is easily adjustable so that many different sized users can train quickly and easily.

Extremely durable and stable, you simply will not find a better yoke made anywhere else.

The Atomic Athletic Super Yoke breaks down into 5 different parts and fits easily into the back of a pickup truck. One of our customers even fit it in the back of his late model Escort station wagon so you know it can go wherever you do.

Not a refugee from Junky Joe's scrap yard, the Atomic Athletic Super Yoke is professionally built, assembled and painted so that it not only looks good but won't let you down when you need it most.

Our Yoke features epoxy powder-coat paint which is rust and flake resistant. The standard paint color for our yoke is "Textured Granite" with black accents. The Yoke seen in these picures is at the Iron Sport Gym where their yoke is a custom paint color: fire engine red.

Lead Time is currently 8-12 weeks. Spring and Summer are the busy season. As of June 2007, standard paint color is "textured granite" with black accents. If your gym needs a custom color, there is a non-refundable $150 up charge. Confirm with Atomic Athletic (419)352-5100. We do attempt to keep one Yoke in stock, but this is not always possible during our busy season. Make sure to plan ahead for your contest.

This yoke will stand up to whatever you can throw at it and keep coming back for more.

Our buddies at Iron Sport Gym use the Atomic Athletic yoke all the time for training or competition and they just can't get enough. Ron Mazza goes for a "walk in the park" in the top pic. Cameron Gardner finished the yoke walk in a contest at the Iron Sport gym a few years back. In the bottom pic, Kirk Nowack, who was the first to lift our 365 lb. Atomic Stone, stalks his prey.

The Atomic Athletic Super Yoke ships by common carrier.

Get your Atomic Yoke today!

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