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The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Arthur J. Drechsler


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Quick Overview

Weightlifting Encyclopedia is a comprehensive guide to the Olympic lifts, their training and techniques.
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  • The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Arthur J. Drechsler
Olympic Lifting gives you

the edge....

This book shows you where to begin and how to excel.

Olympic Weightlifting consist of two different lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. In the snatch, the weight is taken from the ground to overhead in one movement. For the Clean and Jerk, the weight is first taken to the chest then powered overhead.

Olympic Lifters are the strongest athletes on the planet. The things that YOU could learn from them could be the difference between being a Champion and an also-ran.

Do you need to increase your grip strength?

How about building some serious core strength?

Increase your Powerlifting totals?

Need some tips on your Snatch technique?

How about Guidlines for the Clean?

Add some yardage to your throwing events?

Want to add Olympic lifts to your workout but don't know where to start?

The sub-heading on this book is "A guide for World-Class Performance" and it can help you turn your weaknesses into strong points.

This book has everything for beginners and veterans alike:

-7 Fallacies of Olympic Lifting. If knowledge is power, knowing these is pure dynamite.

-An in depth Explanation of the Six Phases of the Snatch and Clean Pull. Unbelievably detailed and explained so that everyone can learn.

-Proper Breathing techniques for lifting success. Master your breathing for the ultimate control.

-Foot spacing, hand spacing and motor control tips. Add pounds to your total instantly with this information.

-Secrets of the Soviet Model of Olympic lifting.Learn from some of the best Lifters of all time.

-Common Olympic lifting errors and how you can correct them. Sometime you have to be your own coach.

-How to design an Olympic Lifting Workout. Get started right away.

-Soviet Squatting routines. How do they do it?

-Techniques for simultaneously increasing strength and flexibility. These tips can help anyone improve in a matter of minutes.

-What you need to pack for a meet. Roger wishes he knew this stuff when he started lifting.

-Training your grip for lifting success. A stronger grip = pounds on the bar

-Three different ways to grip the bar. Everyone should know these, but doesn't.

-Supplementary exercises with detailed explainations and pictures. These add up to big gains.

-Training techniques and actual workouts of some of the greatest Olympic lifters of all time. take a front row seat in front of the masters.

These are just a few things covered in the over 500 pages of this book. Every athlete should have a familiarity with Olympic Lifting. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia tells you everything you need to know.

What are you waiting for?

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