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Thomas Inch Dumbbell Trainer: Shot Loading


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Thomas Inch Dumbbell Trainer: Shot Loading
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  • Thomas Inch Dumbbell Trainer: Thick Handled Globe Dumbbell

Thomas Inch  Dumbbell Trainer: Shot Loading

Get the ultimate training tool for

Lifting the

Inch Dumbbell.
Click your mouse on the More Pictures button, just below the photo of Yasser pressing that pair of Thomas Inch Dumbbell Trainers. Atomic Athletic is the only place you will see a photo of the 102 year old ORIGINAL Thomas Inch Challenge Dumbbell in direct comparison to the replicas!

The Original Inch Dumbbell is pictured in the middle. A cast Inch Dumbbell is on the left side in the picture The Atomic Athletic Shot-loaded replica is on the right side.

Lifting the Thomas Inch Dumbbell is known in many circles as the ultimate test of grip strength. A full deadlift with the Inch Dumbbell has only been accomplished by an elite few.

If you lift an Inch Dumbbell, your name will live on forever.

For those who are serious about grip training and lifting the Inch Dumbbell and want to become a part of history, Atomic Athletic has the most effective training tool:The Shot Loaded Thomas Inch Dumbbell Trainer.

As usual, Atomic Athletic has gone the extra step to make training equipment that will help you reach your goals. We took exact measurements of the ORIGINAL Inch Dumbbell and made sure the replicas came as close as possible.

What is it? It is one of our shot loading dumbbells, with the 8 inch diameter heads. The handle is the same size as the Thomas Inch Replica Dumbbell, as 2 1/2 inches.

The heads are the same distance from the ground as the original so you are training with the exact leverages and dimensions. This feature is sure to make your Inch DB training more effective and better prepare you for lifting the real thing.Our standard paint job is now using Classic Gloss Black Epoxy Powder Coat Paint. This paint job should last for years and years.

The US Military knows that a vice grip and powerful forearms are essential for combat success.

When the US Marine Martial Arts instructors saw an Inch Shot-Loaded Replica, they bought one on the spot. We have several training shots in the Rogue's gallery. To see one, check out the gallery pics of one sitting in the background behind Marine Staff Sergeant Douglas Esposito.

In the More Pictures section with the original Thomas Inch Dumbbell, Kathy Leistner is shown pressing her Thomas Inch Dumbbell Trainer. She wanted one for Christmas as soon as she saw it. How's that for cool?

Keep yours loaded on the light side for an unreal grip workout of rows and snatches.

The Atomic Athletic Inch Trainer weighs 47 lbs. empty, and depending on the filler-up to 195 lbs. full.

Don't Short change yourself by training on an impliment that only loads up half way. Get yours today!

If you really want to lift the Inch Dumbbell and beyond, this is the tool to get you there!

Atomic Athletic Made in the USA

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